The Shepherd Boy


Brian Nadon - Italy - Wounded Warriors Canada BB16

Four years ago my ex-wife said to me, Brian, “If You’re Not Happy Working Then Quit…” Never in my life did I believe 7 simple words could send me on a path of fulfillment that would change my life, forever. After hearing these 7 simple words, I decided to personally drop everything in life, cycling 7,850 km across CANADA (completed 09-22-18 in 110 days), 10,500km across the USA (Start 03-01-19), then an additional 45,000km around the world with Ginger-Bella (my Golden Retriever) by my side. My individual goal is to raise awareness, share my story, offer hope, listen, learn, and educate Governments Worldwide that Communities Will Come Together to create the change they inherently fail to provide.

It's without question that we've all dealt with stress, trauma, and pain. What I hope to highlight is the stigma surrounding depression as being something we experience negatively. When in reality, depression offers hope, it offers a chance to become new. 

PTSD causes changes in brain function and structure, with only subtle symptoms showing up initially and more severe symptoms emerging months or years after the traumatic event. - My name is Brian Nadon and I'm a Complex-PTSD survivor.

“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.” - Eleanor Roosevelt 

The Golden Tour

Fun Facts

Who is Brian Nadon


What’s your name?  

Brian Nadon

How old are you?  


Which place do you consider home?  

Lynn Valley - North Vancouver, Canada

What type of traveler are you?  


What is the first travel that you remember?  

Bible Camp in the Gulf Islands (not a pleasant memory)


What’s your favourite transport? 

My Specialized Roubaix bicycle - This magic machine has taken me everywhere I’ve needed to be. 

What’s your favourite country? 


What’s your favourite city? 

Sidney, Australia.

What’s your favourite beach? 

Palomen, Goa - India

What’s your favourite food? 

Street Food and anything off the bbq.

What’s your favourite language? 

Spanish - I have no idea what they are saying but it just sounds beautiful.

What’s your favourite travel book? 

‘Moods of Future Joys’ by Alastair Humphreys

Hamburger or Pizza? 


Do you have a favourite team? 

Rugby Canada

A musical group you’d like see live? 

Drake and NF on stage together

Favourite movie? 

Back to the Future

And the worst one? 

Munchie 2

The most embarrassing song of your iPod? 

Lady - Kenny Rogers