Denial is The All American Disease

Our world is in a Global Trauma Crisis with North America leading the pack. 

80% of society is experiencing Trauma, and 10% are being diagnosed with PTSD.

The issue-at-hand, we continue to pathologize trauma, NOT accepting trauma as a core human condition, and live in a culture where most people don't know their neighbours. 

Our goal, learn to communalize trauma by including community, exercise and cycling during the recovery process.

Donate now and assist our research to bring validation to a Trauma Inflicted World. 

Change begins at an individual level by focusing on one-on-one!

The amount raised will be used to ensure Brian and Ginger can continue to provide their awareness tour to support trauma survivors.

Your donations will assist in relating the message, "Cycling is a means to recovery." 

Every dollar raised goes toward assisting in the research to establish a connection between trauma recovery and cycling.  

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This moral mission is my gift.” - Brian Nadon

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Global News March 30, 2019

Ginger loved her time today with Colleen Christie as we discussed PTSD, the Vatic Foundation, and our 2019 Paws Across America Awareness Tour. 

CTV National News Channel - March 2019

Prepping for our USA 2019 Tour. It was an honor to share our time with CTV News and talk about PTSD as an injury and not a disorder as the acronym tells you.