The PROPHET - Ginger Bella

Ginger-Bella - Princes Park - North Vancouver, BC


Post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD and Complex PTSD affects people from all walks of life. Trauma also affects our pets. It's a lesson learned.

Our Golden Retriever Ginger-Bella has been Brian Nadon's Companion Dog for five years! 

Ginger has witnessed the self-destruction, the suicide attempts, and the nightmares. Ginger understands firsthand the humiliation surrounding mental health in our society and how it prevents many individuals from seeking help. 

Ginger has watched her family get torn apart, alcohol problems taking lives, careers destroyed, and in some cases, people driven to suicide as a way to escape their psychological and physical pain. 

Ginger's Compassion has Become our Passion

Littlest Hobo Reinvented With a Golden Retriever

Ginger's favourite show! Maybe they will bring it back starring Ginger in the lead role. :)

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