In Memory of The Poet - The Seer - The Prophet


Brian Nadon and Rod Avon

The VATIC Foundation has been dedicated in the spirit of the late Roderick Avon. 

A private, family man, whose mission in life was to give children and youth who were suffering, the tools they needed to help themselves.

Roderick Avon never had the opportunity to have any children of his own. 

His life was cut short. But this never stop him believing in the gifts compassion had to offer, the fundamentals of learning provided from music-literature-sports, and the favourable circumstances of a solid foundation.  

Mr. Avon was a chef, a welder, a shipbuilder, and a poet.

Roderick was a self taught, hardworking man.  

We will continue his legacy by providing support to anyone with mental health issues. By offering the stability, resources, hope and love 

every individual necessitates.