Unique Stories To "Inspire" How We See The World, And To Create Change 'In Life'.

As a keynote speaker, Brian Nadon helps businesses, universities, and individuals to create and maintain performance in changing environments. 

His presentations are based on his experiences from raising himself from the age of 15, cycling 8,000 km across Canada, dealing with narcissistic people in the workplace, becoming homeless, working with fortune 500 companies, living abroad, and travelling the world.


Brian’s extraordinary accomplishments are impressive because he lives with Complex-PTSD. 

You Can’t Fake Passion, And We Are Passionate About Our Message!

Brian will work with you to choose a message. A presentation can easily be entertaining, but tangible results require a powerful and relevant message. 

We can tailor our presentation from 30 minutes to 1-1/2 hours, any age group, and any group size. The larger the group, the better.

**Brian is willing to chat with schools who do not have a budget to pay for speakers. We are always willing to talk to schools for disadvantaged children, young offenders, and youth groups.**

See You Soon!

2019 USA cities available For booking: A few key locations are still available. Contact us as soon as possible so we can accommodate everyone equally.  

Speech Request

The Keynote Speech consists of a 30 - 90 minute presentation geared toward your audience, including Q&A session with speaker.

The Action Plan Session is a 45-60 minute per workshop and ideal for a maximum group of 30.

Send your request and we will provide the details!

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