Ginger and Brian Global News

Alberta is Beautiful

You have to love Alberta and the beauty of the fields. It's the true sense of life and love. 

RCMP Memorial

Ginger was confused at the memorial for our fallen service dogs because the statue would flirt back! Silly girl. 

Thank You for the Donation Ceridian

Due to the kindness of Ceridian employees, we were able to get our new computer!

Touching Down in British Columbia

After 6,500km, it feels amazing to be stepping onto BC soil. 

Ginger Learning to Fish

During the Salmon run, Ginger had the opportunity to try fishing! Well, maybe the Salmon were chasing Ginger. 

Rogers Pass Part 1

Ginger and Brian are getting ready to take on Rogers Pass as they close in on the finish line for the 2018 Golden Tour.

Rogers Pass Part 2

Rogers Pass is a challenge but we are doing our best!

Rogers Pass Part 3

Now the fun begins! The hat is out and we are ready to roll. 

Rogers Pass Part 4

The traffic is backed up and it has nothing to do with Ginger and Brian. We hope!

Rogers Pass Part 5

Heading downhill always feels good! 

Rogers Pass Part 6

The beauty of Rogers Pass and the mountains in all there glory.