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The VATIC Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to providing scholarship funding, education, and the necessary support through the power of community.

As a community, we feel everyone has the right to gain a helping-hand, even when the world looks the other way.  

"From all the scholarships I researched, I found the least amount available to the mentally ill and their families. This has been both alarming and disheartening given the staggering number of adults and children suffering from PTSD or have mental health issues." - Brian Nadon

Why is it important to provide mentally ill students and their families with scholarship money?

People who have been diagnosed with mental illness whether it is PTSD, CPTSD, depression, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia have to deal with obstacles many others cannot understand. Society labels and rejects people with mental illness and makes it harder for them to function in day-to-day life and become accepted members of society. 

Many times, it is a daily struggle for survival. 

The value of education and enrichment is invaluable for someone who is facing or has been through PTSD. Education can offer a new career, a sense of self-esteem and accomplishment which can help one overcome the inner battle or at least contribute to their sense of well-being.

VATIC is working to provide hope and the means for PTSD sufferers the ability to reintegrate back into society after overcoming trauma-related injuries. 

We are doing this because as a community, it is our responsibility to support anyone and everyone.

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