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Our Vision Is To Support Our Community

Vatic Foundation Vision

VATIC exists to create a Community in which Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), COMPLEX-PTSD and trauma related injuries are eliminated through education and the power of cycling. 

We envision a community in which youth, adults, friends and families whom endure the pain and suffering of PTSD enjoy the freedom to live a productive life.   

The VATIC VISION sees a community of caring individuals who persevere to help individuals move forward after PTSD has drained their energy, resources and hopes for the future.

Accepting mental illness as a visible, treatable condition will foster a community of caring individuals who believe and support those who suffer.

Core Values

Courage - Hope - Perseverance -  Innovation - Collaboration - Dependable

We’re dependable in a way that says, “We Truly Care.”