55,000 km Awareness Campaign - 19,000 km's Completed YTD

"Be Unique, Be Yourself, and Take Your Time." - Brian Nadon


The Principal Mission of THE GLOBAL TOUR  *Is To Increase Trauma Awareness*


And while touring, the VATIC Foundation is collecting donations to provide a means to end trauma through CYCLING! The donations collected will support individuals recovering / transitioning from PTSD, Complex-PTSD and other forms of trauma related injuries.  


It's Important To Know

After surviving a traumatic event, individuals have PTSD - like symptoms. For example, obsessive thoughts and replaying the trauma in your mind. You may also experience fear, anxiety, anger, depression, or even guilt.

All are common reactions to trauma. Getting timely help and support may prevent normal stress reactions from becoming worse and developing into PTSD. 

Support From The Community

The Vatic Foundation believe's in community and foremost every individual who has lived with PTSD. Our support, awareness campaign, and world tour is in place to assist our community members in understanding, you don't need to turn to unhealthy coping methods. Coping methods which later in life can result in family and employment issues. 

The Vatic Foundation is committed to getting trauma survivors back on their feet and realizing, "you're not alone." 

2019 Paws Across America

10,500km’s Completed August 4th, 2019


Paws Across America

Ginger and Brian will embark on the second leg of the Vatic Foundation's Awareness Campaign March 31st, 2019. 

Together they will be cycling 11,000km throughout the USA. Be sure to look for us on the road and contact us if you'd like to join us along the way. 


2018 Golden Tour



The Golden Tour awareness campaign started June 5th, 2018 in Charlottetown, PEI and finished September 22, 2018 in Victoria, British Columbia. Together Brian Nadon and Ginger-Bella cycled 8,000 km.
The Golden Tour was one of the VATIC Foundation's primary fundraising and awareness campaigns.
During the tour, we raised $17,500.
With enough passion, a few million Golden paw prints, hard work, and your support, we will finish this world tour in 2021.

World Awareness Tour

Your contributions will enable us to support mental health and provide a means to end trauma related illness through cycling.

Cycling gives trauma survivors the ability to recover at their own pace.  

The VATIC Foundation is operated 100% by VOLUNTEERS.

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