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PTSD is a “normal response” to an “abnormal situation.” - Brian Nadon

Our Mission



After a traumatic experience, you will go through a period of transition. The Vatic Foundation backs individuals during the transitional phase who are wanting to start a new future by helping connect them with cycling recovery. 

The heart of the VATIC Foundation is to offer a lending hand to any individual recovering from a trauma-related injury.

Our Aim:

Introduce trauma survivors to cycling;

Ensure new career paths are met;

Encourage participation in our community;

Contribute a positive means for coping;

Provide awareness;

Protect people from further psychological harm;

Make sure you're not alone after a traumatic event.

What does this mean for the VATIC Foundation?  It's a cut-and-dried response; Our goal is to remain outspoken about mental health, trauma, PTSD, Complex-PTSD, while delivering the groundwork, strength, courage, or even the confidence we depend upon during a period of desolation.  

New York City Interview With Global BC

On August 4th, 2019 Brian Nadon and Ginger-Bella finished cycling 10,500km's throughout the USA and 18,550km's through North America. During this 'PTSD Awareness Tour' the message has always been the same. 

"PTSD is not a disorder, it's an injury that often gets diagnosed incorrectly." - Brian Nadon

World Awareness Tour - 19,000 km's and Counting

World Tour - 2019 Paws Across America

Brian Nadon / Ginger-Bella in Canmore August 2018

Global PTSD Awareness Campaign

The Vatic Foundation is on a 4-year awareness campaign around the world. 

Stage 1 - Golden Tour was completed September 22, 2018

Stage 2 - Paws Across America completed August 11, 2019

Stage 3 - 2020 - Start date TBA  (Europe - Middle East)

Stage 4 - TBA (Asia - Australia)

Stage 5 - TBA (Central/South America)

Please continue to follow Brian Nadon and Ginger as they provide a face for PTSD / Complex-PTSD survivors who are sometimes struggling to understand, they're not alone.  


2018 Golden Tour

Ginger-Bella and Brian Nadon completed the 7,850km Golden Tour PTSD awareness campaign across Canada on September 22, 2018!

All we can say, is thank-you to everyone who touched our hearts and spoke to us about their own trauma and PTSD related injuries. 

Below is a link to the Global Nation News report on the completion to our ride.


2019 Paws Across America

Brian Nadon and Ginger-Bella completed 10,500km throughout the USA on August 11th, 2019!. 

I feel this will always be one of our most difficult stages of the world tour. Crisscrossing North America over the past year has presented numerous adventures; endless stories, and many tears. But the trauma ridden culture hidden within the American society is something I've learned from and will never forget.

Thank you to every positive person who embraced Ginger and I during this tour!  


What Does Cycling, EMDR Therapy, and PTSD Have in Common?

This Isn't A Trick Question

Well, to start, the answer is pretty simple: It’s all about Brain Integration.

As you know, our brain has two hemispheres. With this knowledge, we also know that there are different roles played by each side and area of the brain and that integrating neural networks appears to help resolve traumatic memories.

The success of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) in treating trauma and mental health challenges has taught us that alternating right-side and left-side brain stimulation, via visual, auditory, or tactile experience, helps facilitate emotional processing. Through the simple act of listening to music or drums shifting from your right to left ear, a memory that at one point was charged with emotion can become less distressing. During the process, a rhythmic association can arise, providing positive responses to negative memories of thoughts. With support, this process can facilitate lasting or ongoing healing.

So how does Cycling and PTSD Recovery factor into EMDR? When you cycle, you are rhythmically using your body (right-leg left-leg, up and down), alternating the stimulation or use of your right and left brain throughout the activity. Question; Have you ever gone on a bike ride or walk and felt that you were sorting through your thoughts, developing new insights, or becoming less distressed about something? We know that exercise and exercise through cycling have many benefits. With the combination of EMDR, we can highlight the mental and emotional benefits.

Right-left brain stimulation may sound like a science fiction-like process, but I assure you there is no electricity involved in this type of therapy. Your body receives input in the form of movement, sound, touch, or sight, without any added energy.

There are millions of ways to alternate right-side and left-side brain activation, including yoga, walking, dancing, drumming to music or running. People have naturally gravitated toward right-left movements in many healing rituals across the world. Think of how many sacred rituals involve drums, movement, or voyages on foot. Understanding brain integration, plasticity, and resilience gives us some insight into why these rituals have been successful and why they continue to be passed down through generations.

Along with helping us process emotions, EMDR and Cycling together can help rebuild positive memories to negative experience, thoughts, and feelings. Through therapy, this is called resourcing – real resources to cultivate feelings of peace, nurturing protection, and wisdom. In addition to and as part of processing negative experiences, it is crucial to develop the positive, sometimes the opposite of what occurred in the background of trauma.

One last thought – think about your life for a moment and ask yourself; When am I engaging in an activity that involves my right and left brain in alternating rhythm? How do I feel before, during, and after the fact? How can I incorporate this information into my healing path?

If you are looking to heal from specific traumatic memories, I highly recommend doing what I have found to work best. Find and work with a skilled professional, and get out on your bike or start cycling. Consider how your own choices outside of therapy can support your process as well. Perhaps you’ll start by choosing to walk, run or Cycle to your therapist’s office, or do a little dance after your session or before bed. Whichever you choose, may it serve your healing and integration.

By Brian Nadon

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This blog might be beneficial to you as I'll provide helpful information, a current thought, an expression, or maybe even a rant. 

Regardless, it is for you to interpret. 

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PTSD - Alone with thoughts of what should have long been forgotten. 

When someone feels weak, needs your help, and rests on your shoulder, be honored. 

Together, we can make a difference. 

“The power of cycling can change the world.” - Brian Nadon

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