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Preparing for POST-SECONDARY is a challenging time for all students, but for those impacted by PTSD, it can seem impossible.

Welcome to VATIC


The VATIC Foundation will provide post-secondary scholarship funding for people suffering from PTSD and trauma-related mental illness. 

We work for people in need of someone to believe in them, and as such, help them believe and pursue a healthy and hopeful future. 

Our aim is to break the negative cycles and attitudes that often surround mental illness and continue to challenge the harmful stigma burdening those trying to heal as we continually work toward exploring ways to break the cycles of depression caused by PTSD and early childhood trauma. 

Thanks to your generous donation, families adversely affected by PTSD and other forms of mental illness no longer must choose between paying for expensive treatments or the financial aspects associated with furthering their education. 

VATIC is harnessing all resources through fundraising efforts, programs, grants, research and advocacy to address the culture of discrimination impacting the mental health community.


The VATIC Foundation was established in the spirit of the late Roderick Avon, a private, family man, whose mission in life was to give children and youth who were suffering the tools they needed to help themselves. 

We will continue this legacy by providing support to youth with mental health issues, the stability, resources, hope and love every child needs.


VATIC exists to create a community in which Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and mental health-related injuries are eliminated through education. 

We envision a supportive community in which youth, adults, friends and families whom endure the pain and suffering of PTSD enjoy the freedom to live a productive life, pursue post-secondary education in the field of their choice, and continue to help them write their next chapter.   

A community of caring individuals who persevere to help students move forward after PTSD and mental health issues have drained their energy, resources and hopes for the future.

Accepting mental illness as a visible, treatable condition will foster a community of caring individuals who believe and support those who suffer.

The Six Fundamentals


A visible injury is no different than an invisible injury; except one of them, we are willing to talk about.

We understand that social change requires us to stand up for everyone with mental health issues, even in the face of adversity. 


We believe that compassion and empathy will be possible for PTSD sufferers given the right mix of resources, trust, and community support.


At VATIC we understand that eliminating the stigma by speaking openly about our mental health is complicated, time-consuming, and not always linear. 

But it is possible!


We believe that new treatments, new ideas for recovery, space for medical professionals to apply creativity and risk-taking can lead to positive change. 

Taking time to listen and learn from other cultures and sharing experiences and ideas help drive innovation.


Building partnerships with medical and non-medical communities are essential to creating a world where we can live with an illness and not feel shame while working toward achieving our fullest potential.


We’re dependable in a way that says, “we truly care” and not justwe’re doing this because we have to.” 

It means that you can depend on those who have 'been in your shoes' to consistently question the obvious and share in your pain. 

It means knowing you're a valuable member of the VATIC community.

Our Fundraising and Awareness Campaign



The VATIC Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to providing scholarship funding, education, and the necessary support through the power of community.

As a community, we feel everyone has the right to gain a helping-hand, even when the world looks the other way.  

"From all the scholarships I researched, I found the least amount available to the mentally ill and their families. This has been both alarming and disheartening given the staggering number of adults and children suffering from PTSD or have mental health issues." - VATIC Founder

Why is it important to provide mentally ill students and their families with scholarship money?

People who have been diagnosed with mental illness whether it is PTSD, CPTSD, depression, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia have to deal with obstacles many others cannot understand. Society labels and rejects people with mental illness and makes it harder for them to function in day-to-day life and become accepted members of society. 

Many times, it is a daily struggle for survival. 

The value of education and enrichment is invaluable for someone who is facing or has been through PTSD. Education can offer a new career, a sense of self-esteem and accomplishment which can help one overcome the inner battle or at least contribute to their sense of well-being.

VATIC is working to provide hope and the means for PTSD sufferers the ability to reintegrate back into society after overcoming trauma-related injuries. 

We are doing this because as a community, it is our responsibility to support anyone and everyone.



Meet Ginger-Bella! VATIC's friendly, loyal and loveable Golden Retriever is circumventing the globe to help educate communities about mental health while raising much-needed funds to send our friends and family members suffering from PTSD to post-secondary.

The overarching mission of THE GOLDEN TOUR is to provide scholarship funding to advance the knowledge and treatment for PTSD, while raising scholarship funds for ANYONE suffering from a mental illness, children and families and beyond.

Post-traumatic stress affects people from all walks of life. Trauma also affects our pets.

Ginger has been a companion dog for five years. She has witnessed the self-destruction, the suicide attempts, the nightmares, and the loss of love when she needed it most. 

Ginger understands the humiliation surrounding mental health in society and how it prevents many individuals from seeking help. 

Ginger has watched families get torn apart, drug and alcohol problems, careers destroyed, and in some cases, people driven to suicide as a way to escape their psychological and physical pain.

If you survive and live through the torment, how do you begin to think about your academic and career goals including the financial considerations required to fund post-secondary learning? 

With enough passion, a few million Golden puppy paw prints, hard work and collaboration, we can do more than talk about mental health. 

We can defeat the stigma, support the community, and help educate those fighting for better days.

Please support Ginger-Bella as she circles the world to raise money for those we love, for the hope of better days ahead, and for PTSD awareness.

The POET [in motion]


Much of the general public and many mental health professionals used to doubt whether PTSD was a genuine disorder.

PTSD is associated with changes in brain function and structure, and these changes provide clues to the origins, treatment, and prevention of PTSD

Some cases may be delayed, with only subtle symptoms showing up initially and more severe symptoms emerging months or years after the traumatic event.


Study found that Canada had the highest prevalence of PTSD – 9.2 percent of Canadians will suffer from PTSD in their lifetimes.

*National Center for PTSD


A friend said to me, “Brian, follow your heart and learn to give back. You might be missing a chance to affect our world in a very profound way.” 

He was right! 

The VATIC Foundation was formed with passion, drive and dedication. 

I am personally dropping everything in life, to cycle the world with Ginger and to collect donations to raise awareness for those affected by PTSD.

With all the pain I have endured, I have also been blessed. My new mission in life is to provide educational opportunities to individuals who often do not have the strength, courage, or even the confidence to ask for support. 

Everyone needs a goal and VATIC is mine. 

The opportunity to give is yours, and for those diagnosed with PTSD, this is a chance to set new goals.

Ginger and I thank you for believing in mental health awareness and giving our community new hope in life, through the capacity of education. 

My name is Brian and I'm a survivor.

“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.” Eleanor Roosevelt 

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Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

This video will discuss the causes, significant developmental arrests, symptoms, and recovery aspects of (Complex) PTSD.

As a community, It's important for us to learn; as it keeps us all moving forward.  

Common Symptoms:

  • Emotional Flashbacks
  • Sense of Threat
  • Avoidance 
  • Emotional Regulation 
  • Negative Self Concept
  • Interpersonal Problems

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